10 Quick Tips About Web Design

Your [gen]website[/gen] is the face of your company. It is what you present of yourself to the world. So, it has to be the best possible representation of your work or brand. A website designing company  can help you design a good website. Here are some quick and effective tips to create a great web design.

1) Color visual designs in shades of gray initially

Start your visual designs in shades of gray first. Then add your images, and then carefully fill in colors, concentrating one design element at a time. This will help avoid an “overdesigned” website and project items that need attention.

2) Utilize Keynote to create rapid page prototypes

Use keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) to create call to actions, rapid prototypes of landing pages, web pages, and other web interface elements.

3) Incorporate web fonts to your corporate style guide

If your corporate style guide lacks web fonts, it is time that you incorporate those into your site. This will ensure that your website has the same governance as that of collaterals and corporate documents. You can have a look into the Google Fonts to find a fitting web font.

4) Place social media icons in the footer

Many websites place their social media icons in the header. However this is a call for the visitors to get out of your visitor quickly. Social media should send people to your website, and the other way round. So, to aid your visitor explore your site more thoroughly, place those social media icons in the footer. Your designer from a website designing company can help you with this.

5) Say no to carouse/ slideshow

Initially when carousel/slideshow on the homepage came into fashion, it helped placing loads of info on your website’s first page. However, most visitors don’t stay on the page long enough to go through all those. Further, those images and messages are generally not relevant to their first visit. So, promote that one thing your visitor is looking for in simple words, and simply ditch the rest.

6) Simplify navigation

Simplifying your site’s navigation helps in guiding your visitors to your most productive content. So, avoid overwhelming your website visitors with links to loads of pages. Get rid of dropdown menus, especially those multi-tier ones.

7) Remove sidebars

In the last ten years, sidebars have become popular on websites, especially on blogs. It has been found that by removing sidebars from blogs, readers pay more attention to the write-up and the call to action at the end.

8) Get color inspiration from nature

If finding the perfect color combination for your call to action icon or your entire website is hard, we encourage you derive inspiration from nature. The color palette of nature never fails.

9) Step away from the computer

Put your design on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. Go on refining it and incorporating detail there. This allows you to make quick changes. You can also other team members to make their input. When you are finally happy with your design, you can transfer it to the computer.

10) Increase your font size

Text on a computer screen is hard to read. One way you can make important things stand out is by increasing the font sizes.

Hope these tips are helpful to you!